Monday, November 12, 2012

Earth Poem

This past week I have worked on my Earth Rite.   My houseplants received a good cleaning plus what ever extra attention each individual  plant needed.
The herb and oil cabinet got a thorough cleaning. Old and past potency things were removed and returned to the earth.
   One thing I have learned while traveling this path is that it is better to wait til the need arrives when  acquiring herbs, gem stones, oils etc.
 I was enthused , excited and wanted to learn about everything so much that at first I went out and purchased a lot of items.   Some of which I have come to use regularly and know just exactly the amount needed.  Some items I rarely use and bought way to much.  It's been an on going education.
    The stone I use as the working surface of my altar ,I acquired from a nearby home as it was being built. The fireplace of this new home had been tiled with marble squares. There were a few left over pieces and I had asked the builder if I may have one. He was very kind and gave one to me.

I want to share with you an American Indian Poem written by an artisan pottery maker.

  I am the earth at my feet
And the rain that softens it
And I am thankful

I am the clay in my hands
And the shapes they craft
And I am respectful

I am the story in my mind
And the prayer in my heart
And I am wiser

We are one moment in a
Tradition everlasting and
We are honored

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Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

Gorgeous natural photo and poem. Love both.