Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Page From Ruby Temple Blackchurch's Journal

She wondered if he loved her truly.
He loves me.
He loves me not?
She ate an apple to the core and found a seed.
She removed the seed and gave it his name.
She took a pin and inscribed his name on a white candle.
She lit the candle, whispered his name over the seed then dropped it into the flame.
It cracked and popped!

She was overjoyed. It meant he could hardly contain his feelings for her.

  E___ had come to me, worried about  J's true intentions toward her. Was it because of her Father's wealth and position or  was it because he really valued her and that had made him ask for her hand in marriage? Was he true?

I gave her this charm to perform, telling her it would be helpful in helping her find her answer.
Later she asked me, "How did you know?"
I just smiled.


abby j said...

THis is beautiful and very special, Paulette. I'm assuming it's all a fairytale...(or not) and I love the idea as well as the execution of your idea!! Creative and clever.

Paulette said...

Hi Abby J,

Thank you for your kind words.
This is a story I am writing and I am creating an accompanying altered art journal.
I'm posting entries from her Journal.
My goal is to try an post an entry a week. More if my writing muse is really pushing me:)