Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Journal of Ruby Temple Blackchurch and Her Fortune Teller Desk

Last year I created Ruby's desk and was working to finish collecting the items she might use as well as creating her Secret Journal.
I set them aside after Halloween with the intent of completing the journal.
This week as I was going through my Halloween decorations I came across Ruby's desk and was smitten with guilt that I hadn't finished the journal. I also felt that I hadn't found the correct items for her desk and it needed reassessing.
My writing Muse has been whispering in my ear that I need to write down what she has to say concerning Ruby and her story.
Today I  have begun to write. Follow along with me as Ruby tells her story.


Sandi said...

Thought I had commented before. I love your work and will be checking back to see the finished journal. I remember it from last year. Enjoying my Practical Magic book so much.

Paulette said...

Hello Sandi,

I'm so glad you are enjoying the Practical Magic altered art book. The photos of it draws a lot of hits on my blog. I've been thinking that I need to create another PM book.
I've been collecting ideas and images that deal with the movie and the book, Practical Magic.
Thanks for commenting,