Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Herbs Apothecary

Orange and Black Chest
Chest with Stencils

example: Herb Boxes

Dried Dandelion leaves

Home Grown  Rubbed Sage

Mini Cauldron
I am following Laura Carson's blog- She has been showing how to create an Apothecary with all the coolest bottles and faux books to go along with it.

When I first decided to do the project I was considering using this jewelry chest that I had purchased from my neighborhood Goodwill store. After painting the piece, my thoughts were to remove a few of the drawers and use the shelves created to hold the little bottles and books.
 But after finding out the heights of the bottles, I knew that my chest wasn't going to work due to the fact the space between the shelves wasn't going to be tall enough.
I still wanted to do something with the chest. I set it out on my bookcase in my studio and did some thinking.

I have decided to create a mini herb, spice and tea chest.
 I stenciled the drawers and painted several small paper mache boxes. I plan on using the boxes to hold herbs and spices. Some will be displayed and others will fill the drawers.
 For the teas I plan on sewing some bags.   The teas will be stored in a drawer as well.

It's a work in progress.

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