Thursday, October 25, 2012

From The Journal Of Ruby Temple Blackchurch

A few posts back , I wrote about an altered art journal and an accompanying story I was creating.
I've been designing the page spreads for the journal and writing an entry for each as I go.
My goal is to present the journal as a serial of sorts by posting an entry and page spread per week.
I would like for you to follow a long with me ,providing me with feedback and any suggestions you may have  so that I can refine the story line wherever it is needed.
Thank you.

                                  The ( Secret)  Journal of Miss Ruby Temple Blackchurch

     In the year of our Goddess, 1905, I take my pen in hand and begin this journal in the hopes that by writing down the events of my journey on this mysterious path which is my life I shall obtain a clearer view of where,what and who I am intended to go, do and be.

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