Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The cold front has moved in and temps have dropped so much that it feels like Fall. We've had rain recently and the mushrooms are popping up like popcorn.
I got out my mushroom book and discovered I have honey mushrooms growing in my front lawn. Supposedly they are edible but since I'm not an expert I will prudently refrain from partaking.
Doesn't mean that I won't dry a few for magical spell purposes.

There's a hugh red Maple tree that  I see on my afternoon rides in the country. It is always the first tree around here that begins to change colors in the Fall. Today it had greenish orange tinted leaves on the tips of it's branches.
And with the sighting I got this wave of longing for Fall.
I love the sights,smells and feel of Autumn don't you!?
When we were down in Texas this august I had my first drink of hard Cider. I loved it.
So I'm raising my glass to Fall and welcoming it back home again.
I've missed you!!

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