Friday, September 21, 2012

Autumn Altered Witch Shoe Challenge

Tomorrow is the Altered Autumn Witch Shoe Challenge over at Frosted Petunias.

I've been busy creating my Shoe for the Challenge. I decided to do a Little Fairy Witch's Shoe. The little shoe is one that my boys wore when they were babies.  Somewhere in all the  house moves that we have made over the years I lost one of the pair.   As I was cleaning out closets and drawers the other day I came across the shoe and having just read about the Challenge I decided to use it as my subject.

The shoe was a dirty white to begin with and I painted it with black acrylic paint.  Orange Halloween Ribbon printed with a black design was used for the shoelace.   The tips of the shoelaces are red and blue star beads.
The little girl was copied from an old cabinet card. I glued the image to sturdy watercolor paper and then cut it out. Butterfly wings and witch's hat was added as well as her little jack o'lantern head dolly.   I glued the photo to a large cork and then glued the cork down in the heel of the shoe.   I used orange colored tulle to make the ruffle.
 For a shoe dangle I found a lobster claw clasp in my junk drawer. I strung a crescent moon charm, little crystal ball and a little bottle of pixie dust.  It still needed a little more glitz so I added some sparkle glitter glue around the top of the sole of the shoe, a sparkly spider web and little bug eyed spider

I am not the best photographer by any means but I hope you'll be able to see  how the shoe turned out.

I'm anxious to go and see the shoes everyone else has created for this event on the first day of Fall!


Seeing Things said...

Your photography is fine, I can see every detail. The little girl looks as if she is sitting in a glamorous Halloween coach, I love that orange tulle against the black shoe. Very cute!

Paulette said...

Thanks for the lovely comment.

Witchy J said...

There is nothing wrong with your photos they show the shoe wonderfully. It looks fabulous, I love the fairy witch, ribbon as laces as well as the cute dangling potion bottle. Oh heck I just love it all.

J x

Chrislyn said...

This is so very charming! I love the charms and the shoe laces. A very cool ride for a little fairy witch!


Frosted Petunias said...

Oh I love your sweet little fairy shoe! The little charms and delicate orange tule make a perfect bed for the fairy. I love that you used one of your son's baby shoes, that makes it very special. Thank you for playing along. Happy first day of fall :)


Debbie said...

What a snazzy shoe, complete with pixi dust and a fairy. I agree about re purposing your son's shoes, what a keepsake!

Great job

Incipient Wings said...

Oh I love love love this sweet little shoe!
What a great way to keep a baby shoe from your little ones!
It's perfect!
Glad you joined in this challenge.

Magaly Guerrero said...

The photo is great and the shoe is perfect. Someone will be the cutest witchlet in town!

Paulette said...

Thanks Everyone,
It's so nice to share one's artistic endeavors with fellow artists.
I was delighted to see how everyone interpreted the Theme.

Hazel (Didos) said...

Ah this is so sweet, what a great idea with the Wee ones shoe. Love the little spider on it, so cute, Hazelx