Friday, August 3, 2012

Late Summer Thoughts On Halloween and Autumn Fever

Hope you all having a nice Summer.   It's still hot and dry here  in my neck of the woods. I'm gathering and harvesting what little herbs I've been able to keep a live ,growing and bug free. This heat has made the bugs, squirrels. chipmunks and moles very cheeky and aggressive. It's been a battle to keep what I have.

The Grandinroad  late summer catalog arrived last week. As I quickly flipped through the pages I came across this one.  It's their early tease for Halloween decorations.
It did its job alright. I let out an involuntary Ooh and got this big surge of happy fall and Halloween fever.

I know I know it's just August but what can I say, seems like my Fall fever strikes early and early every  year.
Needing a fix I wondered if Hobby Lobby would have any decorations out now.  With our neighborhood stores gearing up for going back to school, I thought there was a small possibility that they might have some out.
 Yes, they had several store aisles filled with Fall, Thanksgiving and even Christmas things but not a speck of Halloween to be found.    My inner little girl was stamping her feet and shouting, "No fair!!"
Then I spotted one small kiosk with some rather tame and limited Halloween items. Made me shake my head in disgust!

So my current plans are to begin creating on my own Halloween decorations, recipes and potions. I'll be sharing my art and such with all of you.
Are you all susceptible to Halloween fever too?

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