Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Vacation

I haven't posted in a while mainly due to illness.  I've been meditating on positive and healing affirmations and I feel I am getting stronger everyday.

      There has been other major changes occurring in my family this year as well.
 My son and his family are moving 1 thousand miles away. He had an opportunity to take a better paying position.
 We've been so involved with our grandchildren since they were born that the idea of not being able  to see them  and our son and daughter-in-law anytime we wanted has left my husband and I feeling the loss big time.
We are helping them with their relocation now and we will be leaving at the end of this week on our big moving adventure. And in doing so I realized I won't have time to post very often, therefore I'm taking a blogging break.
I wish you all a busy, happy, healthful summer and I'll be on line again in late August.

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