Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gaia, Mesa Verde and the Full Moon of May

Pink Colored May Full Moon over Mesa Verde
Climbing Down to Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde Colorado

Cliff Palace

Large Kiva at Cliff Palace

Looking through window at Sun Kiva,, Mesa Verde Colorado

Outside wall of Sun Kiva

Square Tower ancient Indian Ruins

We've been traveling.   Hubby and I have always wanted to go to Mesa Verde  especially after we had read Nevada Barr's mystery novel, Ill Wind. The book is set in this area. We planned our journey and off we went.

Knowing we would be there during Full Moon, I could hardly wait to see it rise.
And did she put on a show!
 The winds at Mesa Verde are always blowing and as they blow they move the red dust around. As Selene ascended ,the Sun shone on her through a haze of pink dust and made her glow a lovely  shade of peachy pink shade of copper.
 My camera doesn't do her justice.  I tried so hard to capture her loveliness.
 I have heard of a Copper Moon but to actually have viewed one was amazing!

Mesa Verde is well know for its Ancient Indian ruins and Cliff Palace is the largest ruin in the US. As I climbed , walked and viewed these wonders I had James Taylor's song, Gaia ,singing in my mind until it became a chant , a prayer and a love poem to Mother Earth, Gaia.


The sky was light and the land all dark.
The sun rose up over Central park.
I was walking home from work.
The petal sky and the rosy dawn
The world turning on the burning sun
Sacred wet green one we live on
Run, run, run, run said the automobile and we ran
Run for your life take to your heels
Foolish school of fish on wheels
Turn away from your animal kind
Try to leave your body just to live in your mind
Leave your cold cruel mother earth behind
As if you were your creation
As if you were the chosen nation
And the world around you just a rude and dangerous invasion
Some one's got to stop us now
Save us from us Gaia
No one's gonna stop us now

We thought we ought to walk for a while
So we left that town in a single file
Up and up and up mile after mile after mile
We reached the tree line and I dropped my pack
Sat down on my haunches and I looked
back down
Over the mountain.........
Helpless and speechless and breathless
Pray to the forest pray to the tree
Pray for the fish in the deep blue sea
Pray for yourself and for Goddess sake
Say one for me
Poor wretched unbeliever
Some one's got to stop us now
Save us from us, Gaia!

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