Saturday, April 21, 2012

I pondered all last week what I might do to celebrate Earth Day,whether I might go to the neighborhood nursery , walk up and down the aisles just enjoying all the greenery and maybe deciding which herbs I might buy. I thought about participating in several  of the events published in our local paper as well.
But I discovered the best way that I could celebrate, Gaia, Mother Earth was to go outside and walk around my herb garden, touch the plants and smell their wonderful scents.
 It makes me happy and fills me with a sense of belonging and being a part of something greater than myself.
I will celebrate Her by being more mindful and respectful of how we use her gifts. Therefore I recycle, reuse and renew when and where ever I can.

Praise to Gaia!!

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Monique @ Magpie Hollow said...

Wonderful pictures !!! You are so right. It should be Earth day each day. She is so important to us !!!
Happy Earth day to you too !!!