Friday, March 30, 2012

Violet ( Viola Odorata)

The violets have a large family of some four hundred species, predominately perennial herbs but with a few annuals. Violaceae is a family composed of pansies, garden violas and violets.
Viola Odorata
Common name- Sweet Violet
The parts used are flowers and leaves dried and whole plant fresh.
The sweet scented Violet appears at the end of February and has finished blooming by the end of April. In the seasonal soap opera of the garden the violet plays the part of the ingenue. It's understated beauty, down turned head, subtle color, fleeting fragrance and retiring nature makes us fearful that the violet will be overlooked and therefore we make the effort to seek her out.
The violet has been and is used in cooking, medicine and perfumery.

In Scott Cunningham's book, Magical Herbalism, he attributes these characteristics to the Violet.
Folk name: Blue Violet, Sweet Violet
Gender: Cold
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Associated deity: Venus
Part used: Flowers
Basic Power: Love
Specific uses: Mix with lavender to make a powerful love sachet. A violet chaplet cures headaches. Carrying the flowers will bring a change of luck or fortune. Associated with sunset and twilight, so have on the altar if doing magic at these times.


Monique @ Magpie Hollow said...

Great info, I love that viola. In my garden I have the purple variety ; )
Have a magical day.

White Moon Witchcraft said...

Love this. I once had an African Violet on my alter for months, and that thing just kept on flowering all through winter! I took it as a good omen...