Friday, February 24, 2012

Symbols for Amaterasu

lThe primary symbol for Amaterasu is the eight sided mirror which plays an important role in her story.  Due to her brother Susano-o's destructive behavior after taking her jewels and creating five male deities, Amaterasu who had given her light so generously, shut herself up in her Sky-Rock-Cave.
All the gods and goddesses were desperate for her light and begged her to come out. It wasn't until the shaman goddess Uzume did a wild striptease causing all the gods and goddesses to shout with delight that Amaterasu hearing all the commotion decided to peak out and see what was going on.
The gods and goddesses were prepared with an eight sided mirror which they had placed directly outside of the cave and a rope. Amaterasu had never seen her beauty and was dazzled by her reflection. The other divinities grabbed the door and tied it open. And thus the sun returned to warm the earth.
As a solar goddess, Amaterasu can be invoked at any of the major turning points of the solar year,
the equinoxes on March 21 and September 21, when the sun's light and its absence is balanced; and the solstices, June 21 and December 21, when the sun's light is respectively the greatest and the least of the year.
Amaterasu's myth is one of the sun's retreat and return.
Other symbols for Amaterasu is the number 8 and her necklace of jewels.

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