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  The Latin term for Sunday, our first day of the week is Dies Solis ( sun's day). In Ancient Greek, it was called Hemera Heliou. In  the Old English language, it was known as Sunnandaeg; in Middle English, Sonenday.
All of these titles mean the same thing: the day of the Sun.
Sunday brings bright solar energies into your life and has magickal correspondences of success, promotion, leadership, generosity, warmth, fitness and personal growth.
There are many mythological connections between the sun and  male deities. These gods of light and fire were the contrasts to the Moon and its feminine powers of the night and water. 
Helios was the Greek god of the sun.
He was portrayed as sometimes wearing a golden helmet or having a golden halo. He is often characterized in art as a handsome man draped in a white tunic and cloak. He drove a blazing sun-chariot across the sky from east to west every day. This golden chariot was pulled by four white horses named Pyrois, Eos, Aethon and Phiegon.
Symbols for this sun god include the chariot, the rooster, the globe and his white horses.

There were female solar deities as well, such as Sekmet, the Egyptian lion-headed goddess of war and, Amaterasu the Japanese sun goddess. The most well-known feminine solar deity is Sunna, the Norse goddess of the sun.
Sunday got its name by being Sunna's day.
Sunna ( SOO-nah) drives her horse-drawn chariot across the daytime sky. In Norse mythology, she was associated with agricultural ties and land fertility.
Sunna is characterized as a beautiful woman with golden hair. Her symbols include a sunburst, a flaming sun, horses and a golden chariot.
A Celtic goddess of hearth and flame, Brigid is a triple goddess of light, inspiration and healing. She is often associated with smithcraft, well-being and poetry. There are many name varitions of Brigid including Breed, Brigit, Brighid and Brigitania.
She is depicted as a woman with long braided red-gold hair. Brigid keeps the home fires burning. She is the guardian of the hearth and the goddess of flame, light and the sun. Another symbol for Brigid is the cauldron as she was thought to have been the keeper of the cauldron of inspiration. In keeping with her triple aspect her symbols also include the shamrock and the symbol of the triskele and entwined knot of three circles. 

Sunday's Correspondences:
Planetary Influence- Sun
Planetary Symbol is a circle with a dot in the center
Deities- Helios, Sunna, Brigid
Flowers & Plants: Carnation, chrysanthemum, marigold, St. John's wort, Sunflower
Metal: Gold
Colors: Gold, Yellow, yellow-orange, neon shades of orange-yellow and hot pink
Crystals and Stones: Carnelian, Diamond, Amber, Tiger's-eye, Quartz crystal
Essential Oils: Bergamot, calendula, carnation, cinnamon, frankincense, orange, rosemary
tarot cards: The Sun, Ace of Wands, the Chariot
Foods, Herbs and Spices: Orange, Cinnamon,

There are other herbs and spices associated with the sun and fire. Check out S. Cunningham's book, Magical Herbalism. Much of this information was gleaned from E. Dugan's book. Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms& correspondences for the Every day of the Week as well as the World Encyclopedia, Myths & Legends by Philip Wilkinson.




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