Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rosemary-Rosemarinus officinalis

Rosemarinus Officinalis
The Latin word for Rosemary is ros marinus which means dew of the sea.  Legend has it that rosemary was draped around the Greek Goddess Aphrodite when she rose from the sea, born of Ourano's semen.
Other common names for rosemary is guardrobe, sea dew, incensier and rosmarine.
Rosemary is believe to help the memory therefore ancient scholars would either wear it or drink a tisane while studying.  In olden times it was considered a staple as a decoration for weddings and funerals.
It's leaves are used both fresh and dried. Because it has connections to the sea, it is used in all sea rituals, as well as in sachets designed to ensure a safe passage on the water.
It's Gender is hot.
Planet association is the Sun and the element Fire.
It's basic powers are purification, love and intellectual protection.
Rosemary and juniper burned together are used as a healing and recuperation incense. Rosemary may be stuffed in poppets to attract a lover or to attract curative vibrations for illness.

A Basic Tea or Tisane Recipe
The leaves should be gathered as young and fresh as possible and a handful placed in a plain brown teapot of good size. Fill the pot with fresh boiling water and allow it to steep for twelve minutes by clock or by hourglass. Pour it then straightaway into a cup; sweeten it with a teaspoon of honey and drink the infusion whilst it is hot.
A few of the well known herbs that may be used for teas and their purposes follow here:

Anise the Amorous:  The seeds, to strengthen passions
Basil, the Courageous: Against faintness of heart
Borage, the Inspiring: Against aches in the limbs
Caraway the Sweet: the seeds, for mental vigor
Mint, the Comforting: Against afflictions of the stomach
Nasturtium, the Pungent: Against the headache
Parsley, the Stout: Against pallor and frailty
Red Clover, the Succulent: The flowers, for good temper
Rosemary, the fair: To soothe the nerves
Rue, the Mysterious: to assuage guilt and sorrow
Sage, the Powerful: Against melancholy and distress of the mind
Thyme, the Sovereign: Against coughs
White Pine, the Healt hful: Against colds

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I love this post. My daughter's name is Rosemary, because it is my favourite magickal herb. :) I always love to learn new things about this herb.