Sunday, February 26, 2012

La Madama Doll

La Madama Doll

Aine over at the has posted some very interesting and informative comments on the La Madama doll.
I had made a small one many years ago.  I used to work in a fabric shop. One slow afternoon I picked up some leftover scraps of fabric and quickly constructed my doll, she practically made herself. I was very pleased with the way she turned out and she's been a resident in my studio since. At one time I had thought to sew a pin to her back and use her as a brooch. Some how that didn't seem right and I never followed through with that course of action.
After reading Aine's post and reading the links that explain the doll. I was amazed that once again synchronicity has been at work in my life.

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Aine said...

Oh, I love that doll!

Oh that's funny that you didn't use her that way - just like I didn't seem to have much say in how mine was dressed!!