Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Rite of Fire

I carry the fire of profound creativity within me
I have access to the creative power of spirit when ever I need it.

I decided to begin this rite today and I will be working on it for a week. This being Wednesday, It is the associated with Athene and Mercury. Both god and goddess were connected to the arts.

I am always amazed at the way Spirit works in my life.
I began this post yesterday and other things pulled me away.
Today while reading and blog hopping I came across a wonderful video of a celebration of Imbolic in the UK.
Even though I've been studying the Craft for almost two years now I still have much to learn and one point of study I'm working on is the Wheel of the Year.
I learned that Imbolic  is celebrated on the 2cd of February which is a week from today.
When I chose to do the Rite of Fire from S. Ravenwolf's book ,Hedge Witch, I wasn't even aware that Imbolic was coming up.
Synchronicity was definitely at work here.
I'll be working , reading and posting about Imbolic .

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