Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Imbolc marks the recovery of the Goddess after giving birth to the God at Yule. The lengthening periods of light awaken her.
The warmth of the sun fertilizes Gaia , Mother Earth, causing seeds to sprout. And thus the early beginnings of Spring begin to appear.
This is a sabbat of purification after the shut-in life of winter, through the renewing power of the sun. It is also a festival of light and of fertility.
Fire here represents our own illumination and inspiration as much as light and warmth.
In reading Laurie Cabot's book Celebrate The Earth, she has a recipe for making Brid's oil to be used in anointing candles in rituals and spells. I tried preparing the oil but discovered it was way to strong for me to use. I have issues with strong smells and headaches.

I did my research into the herbs associated with sun and fire and then I crafted my own oil.
Here is Cabot's philtre recipe:
Laurie Cabot's philtre- Brid's Oil
2 drams almond or olive oil
1 dram sage oil
1 dram dragon's blood
crushed garnet
warm slowly on a very low heat in an enamel pan
let cool and place in small bottles or jars.
Charge the oil in your magic circle, wear it, or use it to anoint candles in your rituals and spells

I decided I would craft a smaller amount of oil to use for Imbolc.
Here is my philtre:
1 1/2 teaspoons of almond oil
6 drops of each of these essential  oils
3 small nuggets of dragon's blood resin, crushed
I warmed the ingredients over a candle flame in a small Pyrex glass pot that I have.
I poured the oil into my small clean red bottle using a mini funnel and capped it with a cork.
Charge the oil and use on your candles.

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