Friday, January 6, 2012

I went on line and looked up Sun Dogs. They are a phenomena found in high thin ice clouds usually to the left and right of the sun.
This photo is the closest one I could find to the one we ( hubby and I) saw Wednesday afternoon.
S. Ravenwood suggests that while doing the Hedge Witch rituals that we journal any unique occurrence that deals with the rite you are on. The first ritual is Wind and its connection to Spirit. I am choosing to do this ritual for the week.
When I began Sunday we had a strong North Westerly wind that blew all day.  I opened the window in my Studio where I have my altar and let fresh breezes blow through the room. Later in the afternoon I lit my favorite lavender candle and let the fragrance  fill the room. It smelled wonderful.
 All through the night the wind howled and rang the chimes on my back porch.
The wind on Sunday blew in snow showers on Tuesday. They moved out on Wednesday leaving high wispy clouds and blue sky. The Sun shone and  that's when we saw the Sun Dog.

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Moncha said...

What a beautiful picture !!! I have never seen this. Thank you so much for sharing.