Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Imbolc marks the recovery of the Goddess after giving birth to the God at Yule. The lengthening periods of light awaken her.
The warmth of the sun fertilizes Gaia , Mother Earth, causing seeds to sprout. And thus the early beginnings of Spring begin to appear.
This is a sabbat of purification after the shut-in life of winter, through the renewing power of the sun. It is also a festival of light and of fertility.
Fire here represents our own illumination and inspiration as much as light and warmth.
In reading Laurie Cabot's book Celebrate The Earth, she has a recipe for making Brid's oil to be used in anointing candles in rituals and spells. I tried preparing the oil but discovered it was way to strong for me to use. I have issues with strong smells and headaches.

I did my research into the herbs associated with sun and fire and then I crafted my own oil.
Here is Cabot's philtre recipe:
Laurie Cabot's philtre- Brid's Oil
2 drams almond or olive oil
1 dram sage oil
1 dram dragon's blood
crushed garnet
warm slowly on a very low heat in an enamel pan
let cool and place in small bottles or jars.
Charge the oil in your magic circle, wear it, or use it to anoint candles in your rituals and spells

I decided I would craft a smaller amount of oil to use for Imbolc.
Here is my philtre:
1 1/2 teaspoons of almond oil
6 drops of each of these essential  oils
3 small nuggets of dragon's blood resin, crushed
I warmed the ingredients over a candle flame in a small Pyrex glass pot that I have.
I poured the oil into my small clean red bottle using a mini funnel and capped it with a cork.
Charge the oil and use on your candles.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Rite of Fire

I carry the fire of profound creativity within me
I have access to the creative power of spirit when ever I need it.

I decided to begin this rite today and I will be working on it for a week. This being Wednesday, It is the associated with Athene and Mercury. Both god and goddess were connected to the arts.

I am always amazed at the way Spirit works in my life.
I began this post yesterday and other things pulled me away.
Today while reading and blog hopping I came across a wonderful video of a celebration of Imbolic in the UK.
Even though I've been studying the Craft for almost two years now I still have much to learn and one point of study I'm working on is the Wheel of the Year.
I learned that Imbolic  is celebrated on the 2cd of February which is a week from today.
When I chose to do the Rite of Fire from S. Ravenwolf's book ,Hedge Witch, I wasn't even aware that Imbolic was coming up.
Synchronicity was definitely at work here.
I'll be working , reading and posting about Imbolic .

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Studying Hera/Juno

Learning about Hera has been very enlightening. She was a threefold goddess of dignified womanhood.
Hera was the chief goddess, queen and ancestral mother of Ancient Greece long before Zeus entered Greece.
 When the patriarchal tribes of the north descended into Hera's land they brought with them their sky god, Zeus. Because Hera's religion was to strong to utterly destroy, a marriage of convenience was forged between the two predominate divinities. Thus the Hera of classical times emerged.
In spite of her objections, Zeus desired her and being the cheat, trickster and womanizer that he was he transformed himself into Hera's favorite bird  as a bedraggled cuckoo.
The story goes that as she comforted the poor bird, it transformed itself back into Zeus who promptly raped her.. Children ensued and Zeus took off to harass, trick and rape other women.
Myths tell us Hera grew tired of all of his philandering and she organized a heavenly revolt against the tyrant. She and the other Olympians tied him to his bed and mocked him. After freeing himself he in turn bound Hera to the sky.
Over time Hera has been reduced into the shrewish wife and she diminished in importance.
Eventually she would take a retreat into solitude.
Ancient Hera passed through the three stages of life as we all do: youth, prime and age.
As a maiden she was known as Parthenia, as a mature woman Teleia, and as a woman who has passed through and beyond maternity and lives again to herself she was called Theira.
There are three symbols associated to Hera and the three stages of life.
The cuckoo in her maidenhood, the peacock and the color blue in her womanhood and the pomegranate in her time as  the crone of autumn.
If there is a goddess of feminism, it surely must be Hera.

Now that I have studied about Hera, my whole outlook of who she was has changed.
 I have come to know that strong women are misinterpreted, that not being heard tends to make one shrill and most importantly, that having power and inner authority can  bolster one's self respect and confidence in who one is and what one can do and achieve.

Let us sing now of Hera, the women's goddess!

Much of my information was taken from P. Monagham's book The Goddess Path.

Friday, January 6, 2012

I went on line and looked up Sun Dogs. They are a phenomena found in high thin ice clouds usually to the left and right of the sun.
This photo is the closest one I could find to the one we ( hubby and I) saw Wednesday afternoon.
S. Ravenwood suggests that while doing the Hedge Witch rituals that we journal any unique occurrence that deals with the rite you are on. The first ritual is Wind and its connection to Spirit. I am choosing to do this ritual for the week.
When I began Sunday we had a strong North Westerly wind that blew all day.  I opened the window in my Studio where I have my altar and let fresh breezes blow through the room. Later in the afternoon I lit my favorite lavender candle and let the fragrance  fill the room. It smelled wonderful.
 All through the night the wind howled and rang the chimes on my back porch.
The wind on Sunday blew in snow showers on Tuesday. They moved out on Wednesday leaving high wispy clouds and blue sky. The Sun shone and  that's when we saw the Sun Dog.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sun Dog

 I wish I would have had my camera with me yesterday afternoon. While taking an afternoon drive through the countryside, I happened to look up at the bright blue sky. The Sun was shining and there were rows of small wispy horse tail clouds.
I noticed that one cloud to the right of the Sun had a beautiful bright yellow shaded to a bronze orangy spot, semi ring on it. It was gorgeous.
It was a Sun Dog. The first I have ever seen.
I looked it up and in weather fork lore, it is a sign of a wind or rain change.
Synchronicity at work!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goals For the New Year

I don't as a rule make New Year's resolutions mainly due to the fact that I don't tend to follow through. Sometimes it's because I never truly worked out a plan or secretly didn't like the resolution and therefore I ended up sabotaging myself in one way or another.
But I've come to understand a few things about myself and isn't that what we as adults should be doing, learning our limitations?.
I've decide to set goals for myself, fully understanding that I'm not fixing a timetable but just trying to keep a steady pace.
One goal is to work through Patricia Monagham's book The Goddess Path.
 I am also redoing  Silver Ravenwolf's Hedge Witch Rituals . I've been studying  many aspects of the Craft and I feel more confident about my abilities, knowledge of herbs, stones and candle work. I will work these rituals but I intend to craft them for me personally.
Are there rituals that you have recrafted ?