Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Elder Tree

There are Elder(Sambucus canadensis) trees/bushes that line the creek bank of the small stream  that flows along the border of our little neighborhood. They're blooming now and look lovely.
According to Scott Cunningham's book Magical Herbalism the elder tree has many folk names, such as pipe tree, devil's eye, tree of doom and old lady being just a few of the names.
He says it 's gender is cold, planet association- Venus, element-air, associated deities- Holda, Venus and basic powers-purification and love.
Parts used are leaves berries and flowers.
I have also read that the flowers can be dipped in a batter , fried and eaten. That if the berries are black not the red kind they can be eaten as well and may have a purging effect. This is the same tree that elder berry wines and juices are made from.

Most important to me is that in my readings I have come across the information that this tree is also associated with Hecate. You must never cut a branch from it or burn it.
This Spring I was out walking and came a cross a lovely little branch barely hanging on to the tree.I asked permission and the branch literally fell into my hands. I'm creating a new wand from it.