Thursday, November 17, 2011


Let us sing now of Hera, the women's goddess;
Let us sing now of Hera, child of earth;
Let us sing now of the queen of gods;
Let us sing now of the most beautiful goddess.

I had been reading  Patricia Monagham's book "The Goddess Path and was working and learning about Athena.
Answering the questions and thinking about the ideas of a woman's strength up against our society's views of women took some time and pondering. There are aspects of Athene's character pertaining to myself that I am still working on.
But I am beginning my studies of Hera/ Juno today.  Which I think is very appropriate it being Thursday, the day associated with Her.
I went on the web to wikipedia and searched for classical paintings and other pictures of Hera. I particularly liked these three.
I have to admit I come to this study of Hera with some baggage of previous basic studies from men authors. She's been portrayed as a sad vindictive harpy of a wife, who takes out her anger on the women of her Husbands philanders.
I am going to begin my study of Hera with an open mind.

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Moncha said...

Very interesting and beautiful pictures !!