Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday the 5th of October

Yesterday I worked on a couple of art projects. I did the first half of a page spread in my altered art book, Homes and Gardens. The Three Muses blog has a new challenge ever Wednesday. This week was Bottles.
I had originally thought to do a spread featuring herbs and a little old Witch and have small bottles attached to the edge of the paper that would be filled with different herbs. After sorting through my bits and pieces I discovered I didn't have enough bottles, so my muse took me in another direction and Matilda offers potions and spirits. I'm finishing the other side of the spread using a picture of the Greenhouse from the movie Practical Magic.

Speaking of Practical Magic, I'm still creating my Altered Book for the past Party. I am working on Gilly's part and I thought to do my version of the page from the original Movie Spell book which has the spell they used to bring back Jimmy.  You can find  a photo of the original on the October Farm blog.
While creating this page which required a magnifying lens to help me decipher the words, I got intrigued about the ingredients. I began to look them up and what an education.
Who ever created the original page was very knowledgeable. Every ingredient was founded in ancient alchemy and it all deals with good health in some way or another.
My goal is to have the book done by this coming Saturday so I can do the Giveaway.

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