Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thoughts and Art Projects on this Rainy October Thursday

Working on my Practical Magic Altered Art Book party favor has taken longer than I wanted or anticipated. I've discovered that some days the art spreads seem to create themselves and other days they need to be labored over  And I do not like it when that happens.
I've got one more page spread to complete the book and the inside back cover. There are several blank end papers and I've decided to keep them that way so there will be a place for the lucky winner to write their own thoughts.
I'll be drawing the name of the winner tonight at 7 pm eastern time. If you want your name in the drawing please let me know by leaving me a comment That yes, please add your name to the drawing.

I've had a great time going around to all the participating blogs and seeing what they had to share.

As far as thoughts on a rainy October after noon, I've been reading a lot lately on the discovery of the Divine Feminine as written by Sue Monk Kidd.    Her books Traveling with Pomegranates and the Dance of the Dissident Daughter have really moved me.
I can count on one hand the books that I have read in my life that have so profoundly spoken to my soul because they seem to have been written especially for and about my personal life and experiences. These books effected me to the point that while reading them I have cried and have had to put them down and think about what I have just read  so that I can come to  grips with the soul stripping awakening that they have  lead me to.
Have you ever encountered a book or books that have had the same effect on you?


goddessandmagick said...

inspiring project !!! So beautiful!

beverly h said...

I am a little confused about where to leave a comment for the drawing... your book is GORGEOUS!

Have you already drawn the name? If not I would love to put my name in!


Kiki aka Victoria said...

Fabulous..your book is looking super- magical and spectacular! Shine on!

White Moon Witchcraft said...

I love it!