Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Battle for the Black Petunias

This Summer I planted Black Magic Petunias and Orange Marigolds in my hanging flower boxes. My Studio is located in the basement of our home.  We have these lovely full size windows with big window wells that let in wonderful light.  But as window wells go,  wooden walls and pebbled bottoms ,they're not all that inspiring to look at.
 To help remedy the situation I located some great looking black metal window boxes, hung them at the top of the wells and planted my flowers. I love looking out and up at them when I'm in my Studio working on my art.  Outside the boxes are at ground level.
I  also planted along with my flowers some white dusty miller foliage and thought by Fall they were going to look marvelous.
 I was working on my small Kitchen herb garden at the same time. Things were nicely growing, I was envisioning lush looking plants and looking forward to eventually harvesting all my herbs.
Seems the neighborhood bunnies were waiting for me to finish my gardening, so they could have a convenient drop in eating establishment.
I'd come out to find half of my herbs eaten away.  I would cuss at first under my breath later it became out right screams of frustration  then  I'd replant , sprinkle pepper, garlic and any other natural rabbit repellent I could find.    This only moved them to eat the petunias, sample the marigolds ( which they didn't like but still kept nipping the flowers off!) and the dusty millers.
I ended up repotting my herbs in large containers, putting small wire fencing cages around some of the herbs and my small mini rose bush and digging up the few remaining petunias and planting them in a pot and setting the pot on my front porch.
Then out came my Scarecrow with his Crow buddy and they are keeping an eye out for any marauders. So far they are helping me win a small victory in the Battle for the Black Petunias.


goddessandmagick said...

Bad bunny:s I know they love to eat any thing, I got now Owls so that took care of them. You can get a Barn for the owls they will move in with no problem!!! Happy gardening day!

Paulette said...

Hi A,
There are great horned owls living in the woods behind our home. I was hoping that they might have rabbit stew every so often.
I later discovered the rabbits went two houses down and where eating my neighbor's petunias.


Moncha said...

Wonderful pictures and those petunia's are so beautiful. So richly dark coloured !!
Have a magical day.