Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Practical Magic Altered Art Book- Page Spreads 2 & 3

We had a full weekend with the Grand boys, ages 6 and 3. They are very early risers at 6:30am. Now I know that's not early for a lot of people but when you are a night owl like myself, who usually rises around 8:00am, at 6:30 in the morning  it's still dark outside, for crying out loud!
I took snatches of time to run down and look at the different Party goers blogs and I still haven't made it around to every one's.   I loved all I saw and I have to say Anna, you are a wonderful hostess.
 By the way thank you for letting me use your party invitation in my Altered Book.

I worked yesterday on two page spreads. I decided to start with the Aunts and their love spells. I wanted to give the page a Victorian feel, using laces, hearts, stamps for and from love letters and the mourning dove feather I found on a walk about the neighborhood last summer. I also included a pink pearl end hat pin.
 I posted two photos of this page spread as I wasn't  sure which one would give you a better view.
The aphrodisiac drink recipe is copied from the original  Practical Magic Book of Shadows.

The book I am altering I found at the  Goodwill. It is a little book of Irish recipes.  I'm saving some of them as I rip out the extra pages. One of the recipes I am using for the book is for Buttermilk pancakes.
Don't you think it needs to be included?


Danni said...

I love these spreads! The textures and colors are so very PM. :)

I also just wanted to stop by and say, you're not the only one wondering about the journals. Not a single one has made it to me yet and I'm a bit concerned about getting all of them at once. But, we shall see what happens. <3

goddessandmagick said...

beautiful art! Remember !! they grow soooo fast!

everymagicalday said...

I'm still flying about the PM blog party. What a wonderful collection of Practical Magic posts! Yes I would keep the buttermilk pancake recipe in the book, and maybe paint a saguaro cacti desert scene or watercolor a single cactus over the recipe. Oh, and I love your kitties on a fence in the Halloween book. They are so cute and mischievous looking! Happy blog party!