Monday, September 5, 2011

Last October I hosted my first Halloween/Fall Celebration party. I spent two months working on the decorations, planning the food and anticipating how much fun it was going to be.
I found a small metal Witches Hat lantern at my local Goodwill that I refurbished. I scoured the shelves there looking for black hardcover books that had magical seasonal titles, which I used to decorate my fireplace mantel and give my party a literary theme.
 I bought a whole flock of crows to perch on the tops of my counters and bookcases.
I also constructed my besom from ash and willow branches that I had picked up when I took walks in my neighborhood.
My party was a success.
This year I'm thinking to do something smaller and more intimate, possibly with a games theme.
The photos I've been posting lately are from last years party.

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Moncha said...

That looks wonderful. I love your decorations !!
Have a magical day.