Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fortune Tellers Shrine

I found the perfect candle stick for Ruby's Shrine. I have spent time looking in all the stores at various candlesticks hoping to find one that would be the style I wanted and it also had to be a certain size so it would fit into the back cubby holes.
I auditioned several and they never seemed right.  Being an antique collector and at one time I had a small booth in an Antique shop where I sold quilts, antique sewing items and kitchen items from the 30's to the 50's, plus pottery; I had stored away some old wooden bobbins. I recalled I had a small one packed away in the basement so I went on a safari in those nether reaches and eureka I found it!
One of my small candles fit perfectly.
I also went through all the hankies I have collected and found one that had Autumn colors.  Ladies and young women always carried a hankie once upon a time.
I'm working on creating  Ruby's journal. I want this altered book to look like what a turn of the century young woman who's becoming a Fortune Teller would write plus period photos and memorabilia she might paste in it.

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