Friday, August 19, 2011

Halloween Fever

I've been haunting my local Michaels and Hobby Lobby stores searching for Fall and Halloween items. There isn't much out yet and  I leave feeling a little down.
 I'm in need of a big spirit booster, which looking at Halloween things seems to give me.

I'm also behind in PAJ. I stopped at Pet Peeves. I couldn't seem to find enough to write on that subject until yesterday when I realized while looking in a magazine at one more ugly green faced witch, how that gripes me so!! I need to start journaling on that subject.

 To help with my Fever , I've been pulling out my boxes of Halloween items and sorting things out. Next week the decorating begins, yeehaw!

I've also been working on a commissioned altered art journal. It's been keeping me busy and I haven't had the time to create some of the Halloween art that's on my to do list. But I'll get there.


Whytefeather said...

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year :) But starting decorating next week?! Oh My!
Hmm... I wonder what started the green faced witch thing way back whenever.

Would love to see your altered art journal when you finish!

Paulette said...

Hi Stacie,
Yes, Every year it seems I start decorating for Autumn/ Halloween earlier and earlier, or so my husband says. Last year I gave my first Halloween party and loved it. I'm thinking about giving another but not sure Hubby likes the idea. Halloween is not high on his list.
The green witch face thing was supposedly started when the moguls in Hollywood decided to colorize the Wizard of Oz( color in movies being the latest thing!) and they wanted to use a lot of color so Ms. Wicked got a green face! I mean really.. one has to deal with wrinkles, graying hair and gravity pulling on all our different body parts but to add a green face is just adding insult to injury!