Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Completed Book of Spells Box

I've finished my Book of Spells box/book.  I decided to use  orange and black acrylic paints and create a Lady Full Moon on the back cover. I had saved a 2009 Halloween paper napkin of the witches stirring their pot. Using gel medium I glued the napkin with it's cool design on the bottom half of the back cover. I see it as Selene smiling down on this lovely pair of Crones brewing up something really fun in their cauldron on an Autumn eve.

I'm thinking I will store recipe cards for potions, lotions and herb mixtures in my box/book.


intothedawn said...

Its fantastic! I love the way it turned out, has a lovely vintage look to it.

Kim said...

This is an awesome box! I especially like the first picture. You are very, very talented with this! The first picture would make a great print too!

I can't wait to decorate for Halloween. I always put of my decorations October 1. :)

Auroran Lauriel said...

This is lovely and so clever. I love the idea of having a book of spells box (. . . looking like a book). I have a box of sorts for my book of spells as well; binding stresses me out--so final--but having pages loose, at least for now, seems more practical for me. You've created a very crafty box for potion recipes!