Sunday, August 21, 2011

2cd Annual Practical Magic Blog Party

Frosted Petunias is hosting their 2cd Annual Practical Magic Blog Party on September 24th.
 I came across the posting  of their Practical Magic Blog party last Fall and I was to late to participate.
However it did rekindle my interest about the movie and the book.  Right before Halloween last year I found the book and bought it. I also hurried to my local Block Buster movie rental store and discovered they had the movie in stock, which of course I rented.
  I really liked it, especially where the sisters get out the Aunts BOS. I wished there had been more time spent filming the book.
I've decided to create a Halloween Altered Art Book as my special Party favor with a Practical Magic theme.
So please drop by on Party night, leave a comment with your name and a way for me to contact you if you want a chance to win it.
I'll be posting photos of the book soon.


Moncha said...

Oh, I can't wait to see it, that is such a great idea !!!
Have a magical day.

goddessandmagick said...

Im there too!! so glad to have fun!! Im so ready for Halloween I may start tomorrow pulling boxes out!!!

intothedawn said...

Ooo, I was too late to join in last year too. I'll have to go check it out-- I'm planning a full moon tea in September, that might be perfect for my party contribution!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Yay...looking forwrad to visiting you at the party!