Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Halloween Count Down Days 97 and 96

Working on Ruby's shrine I have found these wonderful fortune teller cards, a book on fortune telling and  the cutest owl magnifying glass on


Kim said... the owl necklace. I've seen those Gypsy Fortune cards online and wondered about them. How do you like them?

Paulette said...

Hi Kim,
I found the cards while looking up books on Fortune Telling on
I have a scrap booking paper I bought a couple of years ago because it had antique fortune telling cards printed on it. I've colored copy that paper several times since I love it so. Well, guess what! This pack of cards are made from the same antique cards that are printed on that favorite paper of mine. When I realized that I immediately bought them and I'm having fun just reading and looking at all the different cards.


Whytefeather said...

Hi, Paulette! Found your blog from Aradia's Cauldron penpal post.
Love that Owl and the cards look neat. I wonder if/how they differ from other tarot card types?

Paulette said...

Hi Whytefeather,
Thanks for dropping by.
I have family in Oklahoma, love that red dirt.
As far as the cards go, they have the usual suits but they have neat pictures with little fortunes. Such as the Q of Clubs has a small picture of wine bottles and it says, Wine is the symbol of cheerfulness and gaiety.
I have to set down with the little instruction booklet and read up on it.