Monday, July 11, 2011

Fall Fever or It's only 111 Days to Halloween

I was at my local Hobby lobby picking up art supplies and they have begun putting out pumpkins, fall foliage, autumn colored candles, and the cutest black crow statues.
I had this big yearning for Samhain come over me.
When I got home I pulled out my two big Halloween binders which are full of Halloween history, decorations, recipes and craft ideas and decided to start creating some of the art projects that I had saved info. on.
The first project is a fortune tellers altar/desk.
I'll be posting pics of my progress.
Crystal, I still am not able to leave comments on your blog Sparkle and Shine, but I am reading it.

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Kim said...

Halloween (Samhain) is my FAVORITE holiday, it's been that way since I was a kid.

I did get your comment on my blog! Hopefully you can comment now.

I just found your other blog too and started following it.

Hugs xxxx