Saturday, July 23, 2011

99 days to Halloween-Fortune Tellers Shrine

I've been looking for items to put into Sister Ruby's shrine. I thought she would definitely need tea and a tea cup and saucer to be able to do a little Tea Leaf reading. With that in mind I've been on the lookout for a nice little tea tin preferably one that would color coordinate with her desk.
I haven't had any luck till I remembered a small spice tin I had stored away in my Fall and Halloween decorations.
Taking it out of it's tissue paper wrappings I knew it would be perfect if it read Tea instead of cinnamon.
I took the plunge and remade it into a small but perfect size tin for Tea leaves by gluing on new labels made from the tags from tea bags.
I used tin snips to remove the little sifter top and fashioned a nice small opening in the top of the tin. I've filled it with orange pekoe tea leaves and stoppered it with a cork.

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White Moon Witchcraft said...

What a funky old tin, I love it!