Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rite of Stone, Projects Completed

I've completed my Rite of Stone projects. I'm pleased with how they turned out.  A week ago at twelve noon on the dot I began my Consecration and Dedication Ceremony of my Garden Stone. To work this rite I took elements from S. R.'s rite and wrote in some of my own words.
I used some of the suggested herbs for the Stone Rite in S. Ravenwolf's book The Hedge Witch and added a few that were special to me.
Here's the herb mix: equal amounts of lavender, rose petals, eyebright, myrrh resin and sage. After grinding them together I added 3 apple seeds, 3 corn seed kernels and a pinch of barley.

Herbal Magick speak to me of gems and stone's ability.
In dark of night and sun's bright day
To help me in my witching way

 In my walks around my neighborhood I often am given bird feathers by Spirit.  Feathers are manifestations of the Spirit, tangible proof  of the Goddesses love.
I performed the rite outside in my small herb garden. When I had completed the ritual I began to tidy up my things to take into the house. I was feeling very happy and content. I went inside placed my supplies on the kitchen table turned around and went back outside to finish picking up. As I stepped out onto the porch step there lying at the bottom of the step were two beautiful perfect feathers.
I couldn't believe it. They hadn't been there just seconds before.
An It Harm None, So Mote It Be


Crystalrainbow said...

your stone creations are stunning i love the pentagram and how amazing to be left them feathers :) just to say a big ty for your support too x x x

Whytefeather said...

Love the stone birdhouse, it is wonderful, and the stepping stone turned out lovely. What a wonderful gift of feathers!