Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rite of Stone, Projects Completed

I've completed my Rite of Stone projects. I'm pleased with how they turned out.  A week ago at twelve noon on the dot I began my Consecration and Dedication Ceremony of my Garden Stone. To work this rite I took elements from S. R.'s rite and wrote in some of my own words.
I used some of the suggested herbs for the Stone Rite in S. Ravenwolf's book The Hedge Witch and added a few that were special to me.
Here's the herb mix: equal amounts of lavender, rose petals, eyebright, myrrh resin and sage. After grinding them together I added 3 apple seeds, 3 corn seed kernels and a pinch of barley.

Herbal Magick speak to me of gems and stone's ability.
In dark of night and sun's bright day
To help me in my witching way

 In my walks around my neighborhood I often am given bird feathers by Spirit.  Feathers are manifestations of the Spirit, tangible proof  of the Goddesses love.
I performed the rite outside in my small herb garden. When I had completed the ritual I began to tidy up my things to take into the house. I was feeling very happy and content. I went inside placed my supplies on the kitchen table turned around and went back outside to finish picking up. As I stepped out onto the porch step there lying at the bottom of the step were two beautiful perfect feathers.
I couldn't believe it. They hadn't been there just seconds before.
An It Harm None, So Mote It Be

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Goddesses and God Soft Sculpture

For several years now I've been creating soft sculpture. The first one was inspired by a South American goddess figurine I saw at the Art Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana.
The second was inspired by an exhibit that featured African fertility masks and sculpture.
I think it's interesting that I was so attracted to them. This being before I ever became aware of the Craft or began following the Pagan path.
My Greenman and Moon Goddess now sit on my altar. I've been contemplating doing a few more soft sculptures honoring Hecate and Athene.
I will make soft sculpture for anyone on commission. If you're interested please e-mail me.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Fledgling

My Webster's New World Dictionary states the word fledgling means, 1. a young bird just able to fly
2. a young inexperienced person.
  My question is how old does a person have to be to be considered not a fledgling? Does it strictly relate to age or experience?
Learning my way on this Pagan path has been exciting, mind expanding and  fraught with questions.
Physically I am a Crone and I have a lot of experiences to draw on for understanding and wisdom but in many ways and practices I am a novice, a maiden, a fledgling, so where do I stand in this circle?
I keep reading and crafting out a personal path that fits my lifestyle. But I find myself wondering where do other woman like myself go for socializing and fellowship?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Owl Calls Me

I've blogged before about the owls in my neighborhood. I've heard them many times in the night and I've glimpsed them in the dusk of the evening before Moonrise.
But I've seen them three times now during the day.
 Last Wednesday after dinner I went for my evening walk and saw this majestic Owl perched in a tree in the field behind our house. I called my husband to run get his camera and the binoculars.
This is the best shot we got.  It was so beautiful and it's eyes were so hugh and golden.
I thought of Athene and Hecate and thanked them for giving me the thrill of seeing this beautiful bird.

Pagan Art Journal prompt-Books

Friday, May 6, 2011

Yesterday we had Sunshine!
I had gone to the Garden shop on Sunday and had bought some of the herbs I want to plant this year. I picked up oregano, lemon thyme, lavender, a big pot of rosemary and two large hot red geraniums.
I also found a large metal wall hanging of the Sun and Moon combined.
My garden area is quite small. We live in a zero lot line neighborhood. That means the houses here fill up their lots to the point that in some places the houses are as close as six feet apart. There is hardly any side yard and almost no backyards.  It's an empty nester neighborhood where all the outside yard maintenance is done for you. We do have a lot of common area and it has been left in its natural state. Our small neighborhood was built on old farm land and there is a lot of mature trees, wonderful witchy trees such as ash, walnut , oak, maple, mulberry, willow and elder.
My small garden originally had the usual house shrubs planted around it and in it. Overtime I've slowly moved the bushes and plants around to other areas. Finally this year I moved the last bit out and it's taking shape as my Kitchen Herb garden.
I've been taking some photos and will be posting them soon.