Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Water Page from PAJ

For this prompt I wrote several thoughts and drew a few symbols. I don't feel as though I am finished with this element, Water.  So I am skipping a few pages ahead for the next prompt. That way I will have some room to write more on this subject.
I used a picture of this little apprehensive looking mermaid.   Being born in one of the signs of water-Pisces, I love the water.  When I was a small girl I dreamed of being a mermaid.  Living in a landlocked state and having only small creeks and streams nearby there weren't any places suitable for learning how to swim.   My mother was deathly afraid of water higher than her knees, so we weren't going anywhere deeper than that anyhow!
It wasn't until my little home town built a swimming pool that I was fortunate to attend and learn how to swim.
 At first I could only get around by swimming under water. Took me a while to master swimming on top with some grace.
But I actually prefered under water swimming. It was quiet  and muffled and a little dream like. I would practice holding my breath for long periods.
In my meditations , I have grown a beautiful aqua blue tail and swam to the city of Atlantis. It was enchanting!


mxtodis123 said...

I love the water myself. I was born in the sign of Aries, but just barely, so I have always been more Pisces oriented. It was strange for me, though. I could swim very well, but as soon as I found myself in water over my head, I would sink. I've always wondered if that might be a reaction from a past life drowning.

Crystalrainbow said...

Beautiful page and post ty :)

Emi Brade said...

I adore the mermaid and your own life long water journey!