Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring is Here!

The weather has finally turned warmer here in my neck of the woods and Sunna, sweet Sunna, has shown up and decided to stay for a little while.
The small neighborhood that I live in was built on a couple of old homesteads. There are beautiful old fashioned roses that bloom along an old wire fence line in the Summer and in the Spring little clumps of daffodills appear in the natural common areas. I took a walk after supper with my camera and here's what I found.

Violets, ferns, lichen seats to sit upon  and a wee eggshell cup to drink from, yes, I think those of the Fey have been around.

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Crystalrainbow said...

oh heavenly :) am waiting to see you new wand once its done, ive got a nice piece of apple which needs fashioning soon :) new spring wands all round x x x