Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lucky Animal Symbols

In Silver Ravenwolf's book Hedgewitch, the Twelfth Night Rite deals with personal education and finding your lucky animal symbol. She states that various cultures over the centuries have associated good fortune and personal luck with animal symbols.
I meditated on this a while trying to figure what my lucky animal was.
 One thing she suggested was while you are working on this use your witchy eyes and be aware of your animal appearing in unusual places.
We have owls that live in the woods behind our house, I noticed them calling at dusk a lot and they began to sound closer to the house. Three times now at dusk they have appeared on the tree branches near our family room window. It was amazing! They are Great Horned Owls and in the dusk their eye feathers make them look like large cats sitting in the trees.
 Recently I was at my local grocery store and saw this large owl staring at me from the cover of a Birds and Blooms magazine.  Which I bought ,of course!
There is a new Natures store that has opened up at our local mall that sells recycled items re purposed into really cool stationary, purses and accessories and stuff. That is where I found the lovely mango wood box with the Owl motif that now sits on my altar.
I guess you know by now that the Owl is my lucky animal symbol.
While browsing at my local Barnes and Nobels bookstore I came across a table with an assortment of books on deep discount. In the bin was a large hardcovered book called The Secret Language of Birds, A Treasury of Myths, Folklore and Inspirational True Stories by Adele Nozedar. This book was in mint condition with a perfect flyleaf for $2.00.
As I flipped through the book I came a cross a chapter on Birds and Astrology.  There are birds associated with the Element of Water.  My birthday is Feb. 20th.  Turns out Pisces: 19th of Feb-20th of March is The Owl.
Is this syncronicity or what?!

The photo is of some of last years Samhain  Party decorations.

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