Friday, March 11, 2011

Moon Goddess Painting

I have been working on two soft sculptures, a Moon Goddess and a Green Man.  I got to a certain point with each doll and wasn't sure where they needed to go but knew they weren't finished and I set them a side.
While I was creating them I realized I wanted to do a painting of each doll too.
  I began the Moon Goddess painting , got as far into the painting as you see above and stopped.  It wasn't finished and I needed time to study it and figure where it wanted to go.
It's been several months now since I began them and today I had a sort of break through.
The painting started talking to me and the first thing it showed me was that I had painted the spiral counterclockwise and not clockwise.   First I sat down and rebeaded the doll. I then painted out the spiral in the painting and repainted it in the correct way.
I wanted a night sky, milky way look to the background of the painting.  I also wanted the three small drawings to pop more.
I painted most of the afternoon and I think I now have the painting where I envisioned it.

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